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Student Voice

Pastoral care is exercised by all our teachers and is led by the Pastoral Team comprising the Heads of Year and Senior Teachers.

The welfare of  our students is of  paramount importance.

We endeavour to provide a warm, caring and stimulating environment in which students feel supported and secure, recognising that this will best facilitate their development.

Additionally Form Prefects are assigned to Key Stage 3 and 4 classes. These Sixth Formers support the Form Teacher and  build relationships with the pupils  in their care.

A Head of Year, assisted by the Form Teachers, is responsible for overseeing matters relating to the year group. The Head of Year monitors the attendance, behaviour and academic progress of students and may request meetings with parents to discuss matters of concern. The Head of Year continues to give pastoral support to their assigned year group throughout their time at school.

The school has a suite of pastoral policies which regulate practice.  The names of the designated teacher for child protection and her deputy are known to pupils and they work with external agencies on matters relating to safeguarding. Student can also make appointments to meet with our school counsellor who is present in school one day  a week.

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