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College Aims

Learning & Teaching

To provide a relevant, stimulating learning experience that develops the enquiring mind of all students.


To employ strategies to ensure that each student, regardless of starting point, is encouraged and supported to attain the highest possible standards so that they make a positive contribution to society and the future economy.


To utilise initiatives which enhance learning and teaching in order to develop the potential of students in our wider community.


To embrace emerging technologies across the curriculum, enhancing teaching and learning experiences for all.

Attendance, Behaviour & Safety

To provide a safe, caring and supportive environment where each student is encouraged to make a positive contribution to the College and community.


To ensure the highest standards of personal presentation and behaviour, to include the responsible use of the internet.



To ensure that all students and their families place great value on excellent attendance and punctuality.



To achieve the highest possible levels of parental engagement and support.


To promote and develop each students’ relationship with God and others so that they use their gifts and talents to work for the common good.

Skills for Life & Employability

To educate each student to make informed, responsible and realistic decisions.


To develop a knowledge of the world of work, including career opportunities and progression routes.


To develop life skills and encourage flexibility of mind enabling students to adapt to social, economic and technological developments in a changing society so that they can be fully participating adults in the context of their future occupation and leisure.


To provide students with a faith based experience to enable them to grow into informed, responsible, caring participants both within their own community and beyond.

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